Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is considered a classroom book?

Classroom publishing is a collaborative effort from students in a class, with each student contributing written text along with corresponding artwork to create one combined classroom book. If you prefer, the book could contain only artwork. Each student is limited to 2 pages of content. Books have a 70 page maximum limit.

Q: What grades can create classroom books?

Any class, grade Pre-K to 5th grade with at least 10 students contributing work to the book, may create a classroom book.

Q: I don't have the required 10 students in my class. What should I do?

Several classrooms, grade Pre-K to 5th grade, may combine their work to create one classroom book. With each student given 2 pages, a maximum of 33 students may contribute to the book, so be careful not to combine too many classes. Templates P1, L1, and P4 may accommodate up to 66 students when each student contributes only 1 page each. See our page templates for recommendations and watch our video for assistance.

Q: How many students' works can be in a classroom book?

Up to 33 students may contribute if each student submits 1 page for writing and 1 page for artwork. Each student is limited to 2 pages; books are limited to 70 pages. (That's 66 pages for students' work and 4 pages reserved for a title page, dedication page, and 2 extra personal pages.) If you want more students to contribute, use our blank (P1 or L1) or half-blank/half-lined (P4) template, which allows for up to 66 students to contribute 1 page each. Watch our video for assistance.

Q: How many pages can I include in my classroom book?

Classroom books are limited to 2 pages per student – 1 page for writing and 1 page for artwork. For example, a book with 10 students' work would have 20 pages (not including 4 other pages for a title page, dedication page, and 2 extra personal pages). The maximum page count our binding will allow is 70 pages. That means up to 33 students can contribute to a book (66 pages of student work plus 4 other pages). If you want more students to contribute, use our blank (P1 or L1) or half-blank/half-lined (P4) template, which allows for up to 66 students to contribute 1 page each. Watch our video for assistance.

Q: Can I publish a classroom book with more than 70 pages?

No, our student publishing program only allows for a maximum of 70 pages in a classroom book. We reserve the right to deny books with more than 70 pages.

Q: Is a classroom book really FREE?

Yes, as long as you meet our student publishing requirements: (1) book has the work of 10 or more students, (2) your class is grade Pre-K to 5th grade, (3) teachers send Parent Order Forms home so parents have an opportunity to purchase books, and (4) parents must sign and return Parent Order Forms whether they purchase or not. Most families feel the books are a great keepsake for their child; however, there is no obligation to purchase classroom books. We'll send you one FREE full-color, professionally printed and bound hardcover book for the classroom. We don't bind your original manuscript like other companies, which helps make our program the best!

Q: How do I start?

Simply order our FREE Publishing Kit. You'll need to tell us which template you want. See our page templates or watch our video for assistance. The kit will include a Step-By-Step Publishing Guide (PDF) and other material to help you with every step of the classroom publishing process. If you want students to practice, templates are available at our Printable Material page; however, final work MUST be on the templates in your kit.

Q: What's in the Publishing Kit?

The FREE kit contains almost everything needed to publish a classroom book! We provide template sheets for a cover illustration, title page, dedication page, 2 personal pages, and sheets for students to write stories and create drawings. The Step-By-Step Publishing Guide (PDF) is included to explain the whole process. For each student, you'll find take-home envelopes, Parent Order Forms, letters, and stickers announcing to parents that you're publishing a classroom book. We even provide a prepaid UPS label, so when you send in your order, the shipping is on us! Basically, it's everything you need except the markers you'll use for the drawings and text. Our program is the best!

Q: What medium is best for artwork and writing?

Color markers produce the best results; however, avoid neon markers. Also avoid colored pencils, crayons, gel pens, or anything with glitter or metallic properties. If this material is used, we are not responsible for colors, as colors cannot be reproduced accurately on a press. For writing, we recommend using a black marker or black Sharpie®; do not write in pencil. Watch our video for recommendations and follow our Step-By-Step Publishing Guide (PDF)

Q: Can we make a classroom book about any topic?

The great thing about classroom publishing is you can choose topics such as holidays, family, biographies, autobiographies, animals, and more. We have hundreds of topic ideas for inspiration, including science, language arts, social studies, and math. You're only limited by your imagination. Student publishing is ideal for project-based learning, which helps make our program the best!

Q: Are there any topics that do not qualify as a classroom book?

Any book that does not follow our publishing requirements does not qualify, and we reserve the right to deny the order. Parents must sign and return the Parent Order Form because books are intended for parents to purchase for their child. We are able to provide a FREE classroom book because we know that many parents will purchase copies. If a book is made to be given to one or a few individuals with no intention for sales, then we reserve the right to deny the order. Examples of disqualified books include yearbooks, get-well books, and teacher gifts.

Q: Can I use a class photo for the front cover of my classroom books?

Yes. A class photo may be used on the front cover, as long as it stays within the frame on the cover sheet. Upload a photo that meets our Digital Photo Specifications (PDF).

Q: Can I put photos on the pages?

Yes. You may add each child’s school picture (wallet-sized) on his or her illustration or text page. Use a glue stick to adhere photos. Do NOT use tape. Watch our video for directions.

Q: Can Wite-Out® or other editing marks be used on the pages?

Wite-Out® can be used on your pages. Your FREE classroom book will be a real printed book, not your original sheets bound with a cover, so Wite-Out® will not affect the finished book. Any other edit marks written in pencil, ink, or marker will appear on your printed pages. We do not make any changes or edits to your manuscript. What you see is what you get, so be sure to omit any marks on pages you do not want to appear on your printed pages. Watch our video for instructions.

Q: What should I do if I want stories to be typed rather than handwritten?

Please request a blank page template (P1 or L1) when you order your Publishing Kit. You may type or print directly on them. Watch our video for assistance.

Q: Do we need to reserve a press date?

No. Unlike other student publishing companies, we do NOT require a press date. We realize unexpected things may delay you, making it difficult to work with a firm press date. Just keep our production time in mind and also allow for shipping time (both to us and from us). To ensure classroom books arrive when you need them, see our production details for peak season deadlines.

Q: When should parents receive order forms?

The best time to send home the letters, envelopes, Parent Order Forms, and student announcement stickers is when your class starts to create their classroom book. The creation process may take several weeks, and this will allow time for you to follow up with parents who have not returned their signed order forms by the deadline you have given them.

Q: Why are parents required to return signed Parent Order Forms even if they do not order?

We can provide our FREE classroom publishing program simply because we know many parents/guardians will buy classroom books. When the full order is placed at one time, it is more efficient for us to produce books and pass the savings on to parents. The initial order is the ONLY opportunity for parents to purchase copies because we will not reprint later. If parents sign the order form and check "NO" (they don't want to purchase), this tells us they reviewed the order form and did not simply forget to order classroom books.

Q: Do I need to call UPS to pick up our order?

If UPS comes to your school daily to deliver and pick up packages, just check with your school secretary or administrative office as to where packages should be left for UPS pick-up.

Q: How long will it take to receive our classroom books?

Once we receive your order and book material, we'll need approximately 10–15 business days (2–3 weeks) to complete your classroom books. Keep in mind, once UPS picks up your order at your school, it could take 2–8 days to arrive to us. Once your order is complete, please allow another 2–8 days for shipping time. See production details.

Q: How much do classroom books cost?

Our student publishing program offers a great value! Parents/guardians may order classroom books for $20 (shipping is FREE within the continental USA). This is the cost for a book containing up to 70 pages. We reserve the right to deny books with more than 70 pages.

Q: What happens to our original manuscript?

Your original material, including all artwork and any photos, will NOT be returned to you.

Q: Do you have a program for students to create individual books?

Our blank books are perfect for any grade Pre-K to 12th grade student to create his/her own individual book. Blank books are ideal for journaling, artwork, story telling, special projects, and more. Each student writes/draws directly in his/her own book. We do not print additional copies.

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